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Artistic Director Jennifer Medina speaks about the New Dance Horizons process on City Corner with Steve Potter.

“But then there’s an explosion of beauty as the dancers erupted across the stage like a sudden flock of starlings, darting to and fro…” — Christopher Reilly, ALIVEmag.com, October 7th 2013

“Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company Collaborates With The DisAbility Project and Dance St. Louis” — Cityscape, KWMU Friday, October 4th

“The homage to Henrietta Lacks was choreographed by former Alvin Ailey principal dancer Uri Sands as part of Dance St. Louis’ Dance Horizons II coming to the Touhill Performing Arts Center… On Oct. 4-5, Common Thread will stage a performance paying tribute to Lacks, whose descendants, many of whom are poor and unable to afford health care today, were unaware that her cells were being experimented with around the world.” — Nancy Fowler, STLBeacon.org, October 2nd 2013

“Uri Sands collaborates with Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company, the company founded in 2010 by Jennifer Medina that creates accessible and uplifting dance performances throughout the St. Louis area.”– The Edwardsville Intelligencer, September 5th, 2013

“Let us introduce you to some extraordinary people around our area who are making a difference on the lives of those around them . . . Find out about a new program designed to break the cycle of homelessness and all the participants have to do is find their true talent.” —  Common Thread and Peter & Paul Community Services on HEC-TV Impact, January 2013

“The weekend of October 5 and 6 saw a brand new project step into the spotlight. Courtesy of Dance St. Louis, the New Dance Horizons presentation matched different renowned choreographers commissioned to create or re-set works on four existing local companies.” — Jessica Ruhlin, Dance Blogger, October 24th, 2012

“Each piece is drastically different from the other,” Dance St. Louis’ Artistic & Executive Director Michael Uthoff said. “It is fun, it is sensual, it is exciting, it marvels.” — Andrea Gils, The Arrow, October 15th, 2012

“This event began with a routine titled “Anonymous,” performed by the Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company. The number showcased seven female dancers in very expressive movements meant to engage the audience’s emotions.” — Heather Ficek, The Alestle, October 16th, 2012

“With a sizable audience in attendance on Friday night, the program opened with Lang’s “Anonymous,” danced by Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company.” — Cate Marquis, The Current, October 8th, 2012

“Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company brought considerable agility to Jessica Lang’s “Anonymous.” A lovely, dimly lit solo was merely the prelude to ensemble work of entrancing beauty.” — Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 6th, 2012

“Dance Alum Jennifer Medina’s Dance Company featured in Dance Magazine” — UMKC Conservatory News, October 2012

““The biggest challenge that most companies have is finding good works to produce, and the money to produce them,” Uthoff said. ‘New Dance Horizons,’  he said, addresses both issues while allowing the artists to take creative risks.” — Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 29th, 2012

“New Dance Horizons is a project in which four local companies team up with top national choreographers to create an evening of dance to be performed at the Blanche Touhill Performing Arts Center in early October.” — Christian Gooden, stltoday.com

” ‘I think they are going to see the unexpected—just like I’m going to see the unexpected,’ says Dance St. Louis artistic and executive director Michael Uthoff, when asked what audiences will see when the curtain lifts.” — Stefene Russel, St. Louis Magazine, October 2012

The Higher Education Channel recently filmed the rehearsal process for Jessica Lang and Common Thread as part of the “New Dance Horizons” concert event, presented by Dance St. Louis. The resulting short film is a beautiful glimpse into the artistic process, and showcases the ever-evolving grace and strength of Common Thread.

Michael Uthoff, Executive Director of Dance St. Louis, and Tara W.F. Cacciatore-Lopez, Founding Member of Common Thread, visited KMOV-TV’s News 4 Sunday morning to share information about The American Arts Experience.  For 17 days and nights, beginning October 5, 2012, St. Louis will fill concert halls, museums, theaters, universities and outdoor spaces in the St. Louis area with dozens of performances and shows by renowned American artists and companies in disciplines ranging from symphonic music to jazz and singer-songwriters, theater by American playwrights and dance by American companies to major American visual artists. The American Arts Experience – St. Louis is an annual festival each October celebrating all mediums of American arts.

“Collaborative spirits unite at the Touhill Performing Arts Center on Friday, October 5, for PNC Arts Alive New Dance Horizons, a partnership among four celebrated choreographers, four local professional dance companies and four world premieres. The production finds artists and performers from Saint Louis Ballet, Leverage Dance Theater, MADCO and Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company coming together to share their talents in a show commissioned and produced by Dance St. Louis.” — Riverfront Times Fall Arts Guide, 2012

“Jessica Lang collaborates with Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company, which presents accessible and uplifting dance performances throughout the St. Louis area and was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Medina. Based in New York, Lang has been choreographing extensively for ballet and modern companies across the U.S. and abroad since 1999.” — Krista Wilkinson-Midgley, The Edge

“Saw a performance by these beautiful women and it was so enjoyable. I  couldn’t figure out why they all weren’t on that TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance!” The talent is unbelievable, and one of the dances even left me in tears. You can tell they put a lot of effort and love into their performing. Hope everyone gets a chance to see one of their performances.” — Tina Dalpiaz, KTRS

“Here’s a common phrase: all of the world is a stage. It can be true if anyone cares what the people around us are thinking, feeling, experiencing, and how they deal with it. Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company proves that all of the world can be fuel for intimate, artistic representations of the collective human experience done onstage.” — Jessica Ruhlin, Dance Blogger/ALIVE Magazine

“It is amazing how contemporary choreography, things that are new and modern on the dance scene today, can cover such a wide span of time, place, and emotion. ‘Sacred Vessels’ made such travel, learning, and experiences possible. It was a concert where so much of everything around us and within us went into dance and life for me, even just for that day, felt better because of dance. Medina mentioned at the start of the concert that her goal was to better the community and bring joy and happiness to audiences and students. At least in my case, mission accomplished.” — Jessica Ruhlin, Dance Blogger/ALIVE Magazine

Common Thread dancers recently performed as part of “Marking Time/Making Change” at the Missouri History Museum.  The performance was inspired by the men and artists of the community collabARTive at Peter and Paul Community Services, which has provided housing and supportive services to the homeless population in St. Louis for 30 years.  “Living St. Louis” included the arts program as part of a segment about the role of the arts as a catalyst for community and personal development. Special thanks to Con Christeson for her continuing support of the community and her commitment to helping the homeless reshape their lives.

“The things that came out spontaneously of this group was amazing; and that is what I loved most. I loved seeing everyone take risks, surprise me, and I loved having those experiences of risk and surprise within myself.” ~ Common Thread Workshop Review, Jessica Ruhlin

“The festival will also showcase the grace and rhythm found in our own backyard, with the performances of three St. Louis-based dance companies, Saint Louis Ballet, MADCO and Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company. “They have risen tremendously in the past five years,” (Michael) Uthoff says of the development and quality of St. Louis dance companies.” — Kylie Lynch, stlmag.com

“These ensembles travel to St. Louis from all over to perform — Q Dance hails from Ontario, Pilobolus comes from Connecticut, and the Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company is based right here, just to give you an idea.” — Riverfront Times Spring Arts Guide 2012